Goomo is one of the five main characters in Jelly Jamm. He takes the world in through his heart and his goal in conflicts is to find an expedient solution that makes everyone happy again, but he usually comes up with emotion-based options that get situations really spinning out of control if they don’t solve them entirely. Goomo is basically a happy guy. He finds complete freedom of expression in dancing. Goomo is most comfortable with his best friend Bello and loves to play along with his games, especially as Sidekickman when Bello is Jammboman (voiced by Maria Darling (UK), Jack McBrayer (US), Jack Samson (US on Disney Junior)).


Goomo has a dark pink body with lighter pink hands and feet. He wears a large orange and cream striped helmet with equally large green and yellow goggles, blue sandles, a purple t-shirt and yellow shorts with red flower outlines. His eyes are red and he has four teeth, two at the top and two at the bottom of his mouth. He use her helmet because he have big purple hair (revealed in "Scary Stories").


It's a sentimental, incredulous, adorable, unsafe, shy and a person with a big heart. Sometimes he bumps onto things and is easily distracted. He tries that everyone is happy but sometimes causes situasions which will go out of the hands. He likes to do exercise, also loves to play Jammboman and Sidekickman with Bello.