Ongo is one of the main characters of Jelly Jamm and, being the only teenager of the group, is the oldest. He is considered very mysterious, and feels close to planet Jammbo in that he communicates with basic sounds and some mimic. Ongo is, although this is not proved in canon, half-mute. Ongo lives on his house, which he built himself. a  small tract of land traced into the ground, with his favorite couch. He doesn't need walls. He is a great musician (and dancer) who often uses music (and dance) to talk to his friends. But in the US version of the show, he actually speaks in real words, and he only speaks when he has to. (voiced by Jake T. Austin (US on Disney Junior), singing voice provided by Kaito)


Ongo wears a red t-shirt with white stripes on the neck, sleeves, and the center of the t-shirt.

He also wears what seems like red, double white striped sneakers, along with black shorts.


Ongo is both laid-back and active, and has shown multiple times his skill to adapt to situations effectively.

He's proven himself as a good friend, several times. Adding to the fact that he is a teenager, it is concluded that Ongo is a mature resident of Jammbo.

Image SongsEdit

Ongo's Song

Jelly Symphony