Rita is one of the main characters of Jelly Jamm and is the youngest but coolest character of them all. One moment Rita is the model of a cute, little, well-mannered girl, sitting patiently dressing her favorite doll Gangster. The next moment she’s using Gangster to hammer a nail into the floor. Rita’s appetite for experience takes her from 0 to 60 in a millisecond, zooming past the caution signs. Rita loves to throw and do back flips over dodos, sometimes a bit too firmly. Luckily, they are faster than her But she shoots them instead She loves shoping at JD and playing with her doll Gangster. Her favorite people is Justin beaber and penny wise. Those are the two she most aspires to be. She's also best friends with Bowser and Yoshi. HAHA IVE MADE IT UP SHE DOSENT DO ANY OF THIS LOLOLOLOL

She's voiced by Isabella Blake-Thomas (UK), Sam Lavagnino (US), Tara Strong (US on Disney Junior)).


Rita is pink with a magenta dress with a purple lazier shoes.


Rita is energetic and bubbly and is very cool and chilled out to everyone.

Interactions with Yoshi Edit

One day when she was sad, yoshi made her feel better by having him play FNAF with her. Soon after they became best friends and still are.

Gallery Edit

YOSHI: Whats up

RITA: I'm sad because a dodo shot me

YOSHI: Do u want to play FNAF for 30 hours?


ALL: YAY!L?Njkduf!rmetsudjd her dghcdnbd